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Advantages of Using Wall Mounted Taps in Kitchens and Bathrooms - A Definitive Guide

Advantages of Using Wall Mounted Taps in Kitchens and Bathrooms - A Definitive Guide

As bathroom and kitchen design evolves, it is important to consider whether new trends will be ideal for your bathroom or kitchen remodel in Melbourne.
Wall-mounted tapware has carved out a permanent place in new home design, not only because it looks great, but also because it makes sense for all the right reasons.

What are wall-mounted tap fittings?

A perfect way to achieve a flush finish and a minimalist aesthetic, wall-mounted taps are fitted directly into the supporting wall of your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, usually during renovation or a new build. A tapware needs to be set above a sink or tub to fulfil its purpose.

In the bathroom, wall mount faucets are often paired with wall hung basins to enhance the space-saving benefits and create a well-rounded style. Most luxury bathtubs on the market do not come with a built-in place for taps, as they are designed specifically to sit under trendy wall mounted tapware. Similarly, in the kitchen or laundry, wall mounted taps will sit above the sink instead of being directly connected to the frame of the trough or benchwork.

Why wall mounted tapware?

There are several benefits wall mounted tapware will bring to your home renovation project in Melbourne. The three main advantages below have motivated thousands of DIY renovators, architects, and builders to install wall mounted fittings for recent wet area upgrades.

  1. Sanitary and easy to clean—Wall-mounted taps are flush against the wall leaving nowhere for grime to deposit. Typically, bench mounted tapware creates hard to reach places and grooves, especially in the bathroom. These small hollows, which constantly get splashed and are tricky to manoeuvre, often attract bacteria. Wall-mounted taps make cleaning a breeze without concern for germ build-up.
  2. Freedom of choice for interior look, price and style —The fact that wall-mounted taps are a separate fitting to the actual tub or sink they will accompany allows for a lot more design choice. You can find tapware to match your budget and complement your taste. Stylists and architects are now using tapware as features of wet areas due to the array of colors and finishes available on the market. The art of pairing various wall-mounted tapware with different sinks and tubs can truly add a custom feel to your property. Even though many wall-mount taps in Melbourne showcase minimalist design, you can also find tapware with vintage charm if you desire.
  3. Sensationally space-saving—By integrating tapware into the wall, you free up space on your bathroom or kitchen benchtop. This practically gives you more room to place soaps or display items, visually declutter your room, and adds an aspect of height where the wall-mounted tapware sits. New apartments, townhouses and homes in Melbourne tend to afford little space for rooms such as the guest bathroom, powder room, ensuite and even kitchen benches. Opting for wall mounted tapware throughout is a smart choice, as you can add value through space-saving aesthetics now and when the time comes to sell your property.

Which wall-mounted tapware will be best?

Once you decide that wall-mounted tapware is the perfect solution for your bathroom upgrade in Melbourne or your new kitchen project, the next step is to determine what style of tapware to buy.

Available in different shapes and sizes, you can buy circular taps, quarter turn taps, mixer taps, cross handle, wall plate with mixer and spout, high rise swivel wall spout taps and more.

The best next step? Browse the range of wall-mounted tapware and basins available at Melbourne’s hub of fittings and appliances online, Appliances Today. Find your flair and get your project moving without a fuss.

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