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The Heart of the Kitchen: Buying the Best Oven for your Kitchen – The Ultimate Oven Buying Guide

The Heart of the Kitchen: Buying the Best Oven for your Kitchen – The Ultimate Oven Buying Guide

Are you putting together a new home? Are you considering a kitchen renovation?

Then the oven is one part of your kitchen that you simply do not want to compromise on.

With so many different features and types of oven, sometimes picking the right type of oven for you is the most important step.

Whether you want a built-in oven, a freestanding oven or even a double oven, there are some questions you will want to ask yourself before you buy an oven.

They might include:

  • What is your budget for you new oven?
  • Are you happy to buy an oven online?
  • What sort of food will you be cooking in your oven?
  • Do you bake a lot of baked goods, such as cakes or cookies?
  • How many people do you typically feed?

These questions are a great starting point to work out what sort of oven you need.

In the article below, the team at Appliances Today will walk you through the major factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect oven for your kitchen and the different types of oven you can buy online in our store.

Kitchen Layout: How will your oven work for you?

Picture yourself in your new kitchen.

What sort of foods will you be cooking?

How do you like to work?

Where are your cabinets?

Do you have an island bench? Or will you have a bench right next to your oven?

Imagining yourself in your kitchen and its layout will play a major role in picking the perfect oven for you.

For example, if you and your partner like to cook together, it might be a better idea to have a more modern kitchen layout with built-in ovens separate to your cooktop so that while one partner tends to the stove, the other can work with the oven.

You also want to consider how you open your oven and even the heights of the people who will be using the oven.

For safety, it’s a good idea wherever possible to have ovens at eye level for easier access when placing or removing food.

Of course, a built-in oven could eat into valuable cabinetry space.

If you’re working with a smaller kitchen and storage is at a premium, maybe a free-standing oven is the way to go.

Built-in Oven

built-in oven

The Built-in oven or wall oven is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary kitchen design.

These ovens are much more easily integrated into the overall aesthetic of a kitchen and offer a number of practical advantages, too.

You can even get a double oven, with two ovens built into the same wall if you’re a particularly busy baker.

The regular size found in most homes is 60cm, but extra wide 70- and 90-cm versions are also available if you have a large family or entertain frequently.

While larger ovens make a statement, keep in mind that they have larger trays that can be uncomfortable and heavy to raise and carry, as well as larger attachments that can be difficult to clean in your kitchen sink.

Built-in ovens are great for contemporary kitchens with plenty of space.

However, if storage and cabinetry is at a premium, you might want to keep your wall space free for other uses.

Freestanding Oven

freestanding electric oven

Freestanding ovens allow you to include an oven and cooktop all in the one, wonderful appliance!

Freestanding ovens come in a wide variety of styles and there are some fantastic designer options that means freestanding ovens no longer means sacrificing the aesthetic of your kitchen

There are a number of different models available, ranging from modern to old-style ranges with separated compartments, whilst you can also choose between an electric or gas oven with a gas, induction, or ceramic cooktop.

60cm options are available if you're short of space but, if you have the space or a big family that loves to cook, 90cm options could be better suited to your needs.

Buying Your Oven Online in Melbourne

Appliances Today is your one-stop shop to buy your oven in Melbourne.

We stock an extensive range of ovens, from wall/built in ovens to freestanding ovens in every model you could imagine.

With amazing prices on the biggest and best range, you can shop with confidence at Appliance Today.

Browse our selection of ovens online today.

Of course, if you have any questions or need further clarification on which type of oven is right for you, contact our expert team today for an obligation free chat about your next oven!

There is nothing we love more than helping our many satisfied customers find the perfect oven for the heart of their home.

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