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free removal & recycling of old appliances - install only*
4 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Clothes Dryer

4 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Clothes Dryer

Thanks to fast paced innovation in clothes drying technology, we now have a  variety of clothes dryers available in  the market to suit every lifestyle.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed when shopping online, consider the 4 key factors below to select the best new clothes dryer for your home:

1. How’s your ventilation?

It is crucial to know your space before you buy a clothes dryer online. Apartments or homes with Euro laundries, or laundry cupboards are less ventilated than the properties with dedicated laundry rooms.

A vented clothes dryer, which is often the cheapest of the three types, requires sufficient ventilation for the moist air by-product to escape through. Without a decent sized window, or substantial ducting for the machine, a vented clothes dryer will produce high levels of moisture in the surrounding air which eventually will result into wet walls, ceilings, and floors. This can cause damage over time.

For homes with insufficient ventilation, vented clothes dryers are not recommended. Rather choose a condenser clothes dryer that requires minimal ventilation and channels the water into a reservoir or water tank. Or select a heat pump dryer that does not require any ventilation, may collect water into a tank and recycle the heat produced  for a more efficient drying process.

2. Budget means more than the purchase cost of your clothes dryer

One of the most obvious considerations when buying a new appliance is budget. When it comes to clothes dryers, the pricing scale generally sees vented dryers as the cheapest, followed by condenser dryers, then heat pump clothes dryers as the most expensive. but this is just the cost of purchase.

It is important to remember that the use of your new clothes dryer will involve ongoing costs and value for money propositions. For example, buying a top of the range, high-capacity heat pump dryer for a large family home is likely to be a more worthwhile investment over time due to higher volume and frequent use. The initial cost of buying an expensive clothes dryer will be balanced out with longer lasting clothes and higher energy efficiency. In this example a smaller vented dryer may have much higher running costs for a family.

Consider a ‘Take it Today’ payment arrangement with your Appliance supplier if you believe a more expensive dryer that your initial budget dictates will be worthwhile for your situation.

3. Understand capacity for the ultimate efficiency

Often people are thrown off by the ‘kilo’ capacity for clothes dryers and end up underestimating their needs. The best advice here is to buy a clothes dryer that has a larger capacity than your washing machine. This is because filling a clothes dryer more than 80% may not allow for complete drying of your load. Clothes dryers require some space to circulate the clothes and overfilling them is not recommended.

Buying a new-age clothes dryer does come with technological advantages including dry sensors, whisper quiet cycles, timed drying and more. This can lead to higher energy efficiency than lower cost dryers which have set cycles.

Of course, if you decide to buy a washer dryer combo there will be some unique guidelines to ensure optimal use for your lifestyle.

4. Buy a clothes dryer from a reputable appliance seller

With plenty of online stores selling cheap clothes dryers and other appliances, it is recommended you choose confidence first. Buy your clothes dryer from a company that offers customer satisfaction, genuine warranties, and a friendly service team that is always ready to assist with product enquiries. This will ensure you have the ongoing support you deserve when purchasing a quality machine.

Appliances Today can provide genuine advice to help you buy the best clothes dryer to suit your exact needs. Feel free to get in touch today.

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