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free removal & recycling of old appliances - install only*
How Much Does Hot Water System Installation Cost in Melbourne?

How Much Does Hot Water System Installation Cost in Melbourne?

Hot water systems are a crucial part of any home.

You want to ensure you have a high-quality hot water system that is reliable and efficient. Of course, no matter how good the system, if it is not installed properly, then it is not going to work properly. So it always pays to take care when installing a hot water system and that usually means hiring a professional.

But how much does it cost?

What sort of person should carry out the installation?

In this article we answer all this and more!

Why do I need to hire someone to help with hot water unit installation in Melbourne?

It is highly recommended that you employ a professional to carry out your hot water unit installation or hot water service replacement.

They can help you with:

  1. Advice on the right capacity you need for your house and usage
  2. Hot water system installation
  3. Repair and servicing of a hot water system
  4. Supplying your hot water system

Gas or Electric Hot Water System?

Whether you are carrying out a gas hot water system installation or an electric hot water system installation you should use a professional.

But what are the pros and cons of both systems?

Hot water is expected to use 25% of your home's electricity, so converting to gas will save you a lot of money. 

Electric systems are less costly to buy but more expensive to service. 

Gas, on the other hand, is more effective and can save you money in the long term.

The total cost for gas and electric hot water system installation is almost the same. If you have a solar hot water system, however, you can expect to pay a higher fee to your installer. Solar panels are normally mounted on the roof, which makes the job more difficult because the contractor must use additional equipment to get access to the location.

How much will it cost for a hot water system installation?

The actual hot water system machine costs about $1000, depending on the unit you want or need to purchase.

However, if you already have a hot water system and only need a contractor to install it, the labour will cost anywhere from $50-$90 per hour, depending on the experience of the contractor and where you live. 

If your job is an after-hours emergency, you may end up having to pay a call-out fee.

If you live in a regional location and there are less contractors available, you might also pay a bit more than the average.

Costs will also rise if you require additional plumbing.

Typically, an installation should cost around the $300 mark just for the labour.

Hot Water Unit Costs

If you do not already have a unit, or you need to replace your unit with a new one, then you will also need to buy a new hot water system. As already mentioned, there are plenty of choices between electric and gas hot water systems.

At Appliances Today we stock a massive range of hot water systems, which you can browse in our online store. A typical spend on a brand new hot water system, is usually around the $1000 mark.

However, like most things, there are more expensive options that are also available that offer a range of different features and efficiencies.

As always, you can contact our expert and friendly team with any questions you may have about hot water units or hot water system installations.

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