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An Integrated Dishwashers Guide – 7 Best Tips Before Buying

An Integrated Dishwashers Guide – 7 Best Tips Before Buying

If you have started your dishwasher hunt, you’ve likely come up against the fancy sounding ‘integrated’ or ‘semi-integrated’ dishwasher styles. Whilst these are the more highly sought-after styles for new kitchens and kitchen upgrades in Melbourne, the main feature here is that the dishwasher unit is simply camouflaged behind a panel of cabinetry, sitting flush with the rest of your kitchen fit-out.

Integrated dishwashers offer a sleek, modern look, and are generally at the top end of dishwasher design and performance.

With the drastic technological upgrades in dishwashers on sale, it is best to take note of these 7 top tips for buying the best integrated dishwasher online

1. Decide whether you want a semi integrated or fully integrated dishwasher

Semi integrated dishwashers have the control panel and buttons visible on the top section of the dishwasher door, with the rest of the door covered in matching kitchen paneling. This creates a neat look but does not fully hide the fact that there is a dishwasher in place.

Fully integrated dishwashers have the controls built along the top lip of the dishwasher and are therefore more specifically designed for integration. Once installed you would not know a dishwasher is there from plain sight.

2. Professional installation is recommended

Although dishwashers are fairly straightforward to install, getting the perfect flush result that you want from an integrated dishwasher is best achieved with the help of a pro. Not only will the plumbing of your dishwasher need to be adequately hooked up, but specific height requirements should be followed for optimal usage. More so, the cabinet overlay on the dishwasher door often requires fine screws and clips so it’s best to call an expert dishwasher installer.

3. Ergonomic design leads to efficiency

Many new integrated dishwashers feature cleverly designed racks and tines to allow more dishes and kitchenware to fit inside per wash. Before you buy a new freestanding dishwasher or integrated dishwasher, be sure to take a look at the inside layout.

4. Consider the cleaning performance features you need

The reason you buy a dishwasher is to take the hassle out of meal clean up. Advancements in technology have led to some impressive options for dish cleaning. These include spray arms with rotating blades for focused and intense cleaning, Dual zone wash for both glass cleaning and heavy duty cleaning in the same cycle, whisper quiet mode, express wash and more. Consider your lifestyle and how you would like to use your dishwasher prior to purchase.

5. Drying performance is key

Having to spend time drying clean dishes from the dishwasher seems to defeat the purpose altogether. Whilst condensation drying is a standard method for dishwashers, newer models feature heated dry cycles or combine both methods to promote faster and more effective drying.

6. Are you looking for the ultimate dishwasher convenience?

Some new model integrated dishwashers include Wifi connectivity as a feature. This means you can include your dishwashing tasks as part of your smart home activity, controlling the dishwasher remotely and getting valuable data feedback.

7. Buy your new freestanding or integrated dishwasher online from a reputable appliance company

Regardless of which model dishwasher you choose, it is best to have a genuine manufacturers warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee on your side. Before buying the product online, you may wish to get in touch with the customer care team at Appliances Today for product advice, guidance or stock information. Feeling confident in your Melbourne appliance sale supplier will ensure peace of mind moving forward.

Quality integrated dishwashers are a worthwhile investment for your daily kitchen convenience, especially if you are hoping to achieve a stylish interior look. Appliances Today sells a range of  integrated dishwashers from leading brands  in Melbourne.

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