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free removal & recycling of old appliances - install only*
Top 10 Must-Have Small Appliances for Your Kitchen

Top 10 Must-Have Small Appliances for Your Kitchen

The world of ‘small appliances’ just keeps getting more and more exciting. Whether you love spending time in the kitchen or not, our curated list of must-have small kitchen appliances will help to arm you with handy items for your home.

1. Blenders – inspiring health and creativity


On top of the small appliance’s list is the humble blender. Healthy living is easy when you can whip up a delicious morning smoothie, juice or protein shake in seconds. When you buy blenders, you buy the ability to eat fresh and eat well with endless recipes to create using more food varieties than you can imagine. Blenders can cater for hot, cold and frozen food and beverage preparation.

Make a smart investment for your kitchen and your health with blenders available for purchase in Melbourne.

2. Kettles – for essential comfort beverages


It’s not a kitchen unless there’s a kettle on the bench, right? Now you can buy kettles that do the job of fast boiling water to prepare hot drinks, which also look stylish in your space-starting at $50, you can choose to buy kettles with quiet technology, temperature settings. We offer a wide range of kettles to choose from, including sterilising mode kettles, café series kettles. artisan kettles and unique colour kettles to provide eye catching accents in your kitchen.

3. Coffee Machines – for the budding home barista or coffee pro

Coffee Machines

Buy coffee machines ranging from affordable, quality filtered coffee machines through to professional series home coffee machines with bean grinders and all the bits and pieces to make a first-class cuppa. This luxury small appliance is now becoming more of an essential in Melbourne kitchens.

4. Toasters – you simply can’t go without one


No kitchen is complete without a 2-slice or 4-slice toaster. When you buy a toaster today, you are spoilt for choice with aesthetically pleasing kitchen ornaments that serve you with perfectly toasted bread for breakfast, lunch, light dinners or any snack in between. You may even choose to buy a bread maker too so that you can craft your own bread for toasting.

5. Food Processors – Speed up your baking, food prep and cooking

Food Processors

The small appliances that makes chopping, mixing, slicing, dicing, pureeing and shredding a breeze. Super affordable and versatile, you’ll be glad you added the food processor to the list of must-have small kitchen appliances. New technology features include easy to clean cleaning, interchangeable chute sizes, blade styles and more.

6. Stand Mixer – built to last

Stand Mixers

Good things begin with the stand mixer. Synonymous with any well-equipped kitchen is the artisan Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. Not only do these look the part on any stylish kitchen bench, but they are a powerful, purposeful, and reliable appliance for any home cook, baker or master chef. Bread dough, pasta, pizza, muffins, eggs, quiches, meat mince, chicken mince, dips, spreads, cakes, slices, bars, there’s not much that the Stand mixer can not do.

7. Air fryer – the healthy way to fry

Air fryers

It is quite incredible to make the shift from standard pan-frying to an air fryer. Your meals will be significantly lower in fat, less messy to prepare and super tasty. This small appliance is now available in digital XXL varieties and air fryer + oven in one. Switch to healthier meals and buy your air fryer today.

8. Slow cooker – the easiest way to please the tribe

Slow cookers

Standing the test of time, only now much more stylish to look at, the slow cooker is a must-have for every family. Whether you are out for the day and want to come home to a hot, hearty meal or cook a batch overnight, a slow cooker will produce a large quantity with minimal effort. A few veggies, canned sauces, stock, meat or more veg and some herbs and spices can transform into a crowd-pleasing meal for your family. Also a hit when cooking for a meal roster, this slow cooker is definitely a must-have!

9. Bread maker – for the pleasure of fresh bread

Bread maker

This list would not be complete without recommending a bread maker as a must-have small appliance for your kitchen. Artisan bread’s price from bakeries has skyrocketed, and having an appliance that can instantly create warm, crusty, homemade loaves is a valuable investment. Create your own signature breads in no time!

10. Sandwich press – classic toasted sandwiches

Sandwich Press

Everyone loves a toasted sandwich filled with melted cheese and any combination of favourite fillings like ham, tomato, beans, salami, avocado, egg, bacon or otherwise. Buy a sandwich press to use when you don’t feel like cooking up a storm but need to satisfy some appetites.

You will be surprised at how affordable many of these small appliances are. Check out the range of must-have small appliances at Appliances Today.

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