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Everything You Need To Know About Washing Machines: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Washing Machines: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Call us crazy, but we are mad about washing machines.

And with so many incredible different products on the market, the washing machine has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. But with so many different models packing such a wide range of features, it can be confusing to even know where to start!

What’s the difference between a front loader and a top loader?

Should you get one that also works as a drier?

How do you know how water and energy efficient a washing machine is?

Can you buy a washing machine online?

Are there washing machines on sale in Melbourne?

There are so many things to think about!

Luckily for you, Appliances Today has you covered. We love washing machines and we just happen to stock an extensive range of them, so who better than us to fill you in on what you need to know?

Check out our buying guide below.

What are the major factors when it comes to buying a washing machine online?

There are several things to think about when it comes to buying a washing machine.

Before we even get into the different types and features, you need to think about these factors first, as they are going to influence your decision in the long run.

Washing Machine Pricing

Did you know you can spend as much as $5000 on a new washing machine? Well, now you do! But you can also spend as little as $500.

So, what’s the deal?

How can one machine be so much more expensive than the other. Like most things in life, it comes down to features, reliability and ongoing costs.

The average Aussie spends about $800 on a new machine, so that’s a good ballpark to work with. If you’re prepared to go above that, then you can start to get some amazing energy and water efficiency and features.

Whatever your budget, you can expect to get great bang for your buck with Appliances Today’s outstanding washing machine sales.

Space for your Washing Machine

This is another crucial factor.

It’s important to measure the available space in your laundry or wherever you are going to place your washing machine to ensure it fits.

Front loaders are smaller than top loaders and have smaller front-mounted frames, making them easy to reach in tight spaces.

The amount of washing you do is also a deciding factor. If you live in a one- or two-person household, a smaller washing machine (with a 4-7kg capacity) could be the best option. The more people and the more laundry, the bigger capacity you will need!

Front-loader v Top-loader: What is right for you?

The first two major factors will definitely help you work out which type of washing machine is right for you.

However, if you have a decent budget and a good amount of space, you won’t be as restricted in your choice, and there could be a good case for either type.

Front-loader washing machines

Front-loading washers are more costly to purchase than top-loaders, but they work better and consume less water and electricity.

The wash cycle takes longer than a top loader because they use less water, but many front loaders have "fast-wash" cycles.

Pros of front-loading washing machines include:

  • Gentler on clothes
  • In general, they use less water
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Cheaper to run
  • Spins faster, which means dryer clothes at the end of the cycle

Cons of front-loading washing machines include:

  • They take longer to finish a cycle
  • More expensive
  • More expensive

Top-loader washing machines

Top-loading washing machines are usually less expensive to use, weigh less, and wash laundry much better than front-loading machines, but they require a lot of water, are harder on the clothes, and don't clean as well.

Pros of top-loading washing machines:

  • More reliable
  • Quicker wash times
  • Lighter and easier to move than front-loaders
  • Cheaper
  • Easier to add garments mid-cycle

Cons of top-loading washing machines:

  • Harsher on your clothes
  • Less water and energy efficient
  • Needs more washing detergent
  • Higher running costs

What features should I look out for?

There are a few features to look out for which you may or may not want to ensure your new washing machine has, depending on your needs.

These include:

  • Variable timer/delay start: Allows you to control the length of a cycle or even delay its start
  • Temperature control: Greater control over the temperature of the water when washing
  • Modes: Dedicated cycles for bed sheets and other types of loads

Buy your washing machine online!

With Appliances Today, buying your new washing machine on sale has never been easier.

Browse our online store to see our vast range of washing machines and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff if you have any further questions.

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