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free removal & recycling of old appliances - install only*


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You get what you pay for with boiling water units. The award winning Billi hot water units with modern tapware are priced from $2000. If you consider how much daily use you get from a hot water unit, the investment is well worth it.

There is not expiration date on Billi boiling water units. If you have your unit expertly installed, maintain your unit according to instructions, you may well enjoy a lifespan of more than 8 years.

The temperature of the water reaches boiling, 100 degrees when activated. However, the safety technology ensures a reduced resting heat and also that the tapware never becomes dangerous to the touch. In addition to initial slow flow of the boiling water there are many safety features in place.

Yes. When you consider the amount of power it takes to boil a standard kettle multiple times per day, and the time it takes to boil water on the stove, an instant boiling water system is well worth it.

Yes. Billi boiling water taps incorporate thermodynamic heat exchange technology to capture and reuse any heat waste energy. You can enjoy filtered chilled and sparkling water from the Billi tap and fill your own bottles to reduce waste. With a CO2 service plan, a Billi tap will help your home or business reduce landfill of plastic bottles and emissions.

They can be. If used efficiently with power save mode, holiday mode and disabled hot water functions, over time a boiling water tap can be cheaper to run than a kettle. Especially in busy homes or workplaces, the Billi boiling water units are a smart investment.

In essence, the boiling water unit uses tap water, which runs through a filter and gets instantly heated to boiling temperatures using heat exchange technology within the installed unit. Most of the time, the boiling water will be heated to a standby 72 degree temperature until the user activates the lever or sensor for a quick release of 100 degree boiling water. For more information contact Appliances Today.