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free removal & recycling of old appliances - install only*
free removal & recycling of old appliances - install only*
Police Checked
Technicians are policed checked from the Australian government
Fully Licensed Trades
All technicians are qualified tradesman
SMS Before Arrival
You will receive an SMS from the technician confirming the time, they will supply photo id
Fast Reliable Service
We pride our selves on being service first - we are on time every-time

Boiling Water Units Installation

Boiling Water Units Installation Service

Installation for Boiling Water Unit will be carried out by professional licensed plumbers.

We will remove old for new and customer service is number 1 for us and that is why we started Appliances Today to offer quality service and installation with great products.

All jobs will be booked in with the family-run business Heritage Plumbing Group, they are a Victorian-based plumbing company that has been delivering quality work for over 10 years.

Once you place your order, you will receive contact from Heritage Plumbing Group who will arrange a time for when a qualified technician can come out to your property. Upon confirmation, you will receive a message on the day of the installation with a picture of the technician and also confirming the booking time. 

Included in the Installation

  • Check the area for existing damage and check measurements to ensure the new appliance/fixture/tapware will fit the existing cutout/allowed space.
  • Check all connections are all working and are up to code
  • Deliver new appliance/fixture/tapware
  • Remove old appliance/fixture/tapware
  • Install new appliance/fixture/tapware 
  • Test the appliance/fixture/tapware to ensure everything is working correctly
  • Show the customer how to use the new appliance/fixture/tapware 
  • Clean up the area 

Extra works that may need to be done

  • Relocate connection (after 2m)
  • New power/water/gas line 
  • Cut out the bench top
  • Relocate appliance/fixture/tapware
  • add new fittings to ensure appliance/fixture/tapware is up to code
  • If extra works outside these need to be done please Call Appliances Today 1300 896 896 to discuss and get a quote from one of their qualified technicians.

Boiling Water Unit Installation Tips

- How many cups of boiling/chilled water are you looking to produce in an hour?

Different brands and models supply different amounts of boiling and chilled water per hour. Please be sure to check the ‘resources’ section under each boiling water unit listing on our website to view the technical specifications sheet of your appliance. Feel free to call for additional information or a quote.

To give you an idea, the Billi B-5000 brochure says they supply around 60 cups per hour of both boiling and chilled water.

- Do you require sparkling water?

If you require sparkling water please select a unit from our website that supplies sparking water. The units we sell supply different combinations of instant boiling water, sparkling water and chilled water – however some don’t come with all 3 of these options.

- Do you have the adequate room in your cupboard space beneath the sink for this unit?

When purchasing a boiling water unit you need to allow for a certain amount of space underneath your benchtop.

To find the dimensions of your boiling water unit, please be sure to check the ‘resources’ section under each boiling water unit listing on our website to view the technical specifications sheet of your appliance.

If your new boiling water unit doesn’t fit underneath the benchtop, we may either need to cut shelves  location, a cabinet maker may be required – Feel free to call for additional information or a quote

- Do you have the required ventilation for this unit? Are you happy to have grilled vents installed into your cabinetry?

Some installations of boiling water units require a ventilation grille installed in your cabinetry in order to ventilate the heat that the unit produces by boiling water. Different brands and models will have different requirements. If the model you purchase requires it, you will have to cut a ventilation grille into your cabinetry – we can try to place the grille in a less obvious area however this is not always possible. 

- Do you have a double power point available in the cupboard space ready for use?

A boiling water unit will be required to plug into a power point in the cupboard it’s installed in. If you do not have any available power point you may need to have one installed by one of our electricians. Feel free to call for additional information or a quote.

- Always ensure to engage a licensed plumber and electrician for installation so it complies with Australian Standards.

If your installation includes any plumbing or electrical work it’s essential to use a licensed plumber or electrician. Licensed trades must hold insurance to be granted their license, which protects both you and your home. A licensed trade has a higher standard of knowledge and experience than someone who is only registered or in training.