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Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Did you know more than fifty percent of the time spent in your kitchen will involve standing at the kitchen sink? Be it washing produce, washing your hands or washing up after a meal, this high-traffic fixture in your kitchen deserves proper consideration when you are planning a new kitchen upgrade or build.

To keep it simple, our kitchen sink buying guide highlights the 3 most important decisions when buying a new kitchen sink: shape and size, material and tapware.

1. Shape and size

For the kitchen, undermount kitchen sinks or flush mount kitchen sinks are the only option. This is to ensure a sealed, sanitary, and safe food preparation and cleaning space. Undermount kitchen sinks are available in single bowl, double or even triple bowl.

Do you prefer to have multiple processes happening at once, such as rinsing produce and soaking dishes simultaneously? Perhaps a double bowl sink would suit your lifestyle. Do you need a generous size sink to rinse large pots and pans? A larger single bowl may be ideal for you.

These days, sinks are available in square, rectangle, rectangle with cornered edges and circular bowl shapes. Most homes include rectangular or square sinks for practical reasons. Round sinks are more appealing for bar areas or as a kitchen feature piece.

Remember, if you have the bench space, bigger is always better when it comes to  kitchen sink. And, if you are planning to sell your property, an impressive kitchen sink indeed earns points.

2. Material

Fireclay kitchen sinks are timeless in style and known for their lifetime durability. Whilst they come with a higher price-tag than other sinks, they are reliable and beautiful. Made from moulded ceramic clay with a porcelain enamel finish, these sinks are heavy and require extra reinforcement for a successful installation. Fireclay kitchen sinks are available in a few colour options such as white, black and sometimes blue. Butler sinks or farmhouse sinks are in trend due to their country charm and deep bowls which are mostly built from fireclay.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are favoured for their easy to clean, industrial look. These  sinks come in various bowl shapes, sizes and depths to fit into any kitchen space. They can provide a versatile sink arrangement in your kitchen and are an excellent undermount kitchen sink choice

Ceramic kitchen sink A traditional manufacturing technique for kitchen, laundry and bathroom sinks, ceramic sinks are reliable and can be selected in a range of colours to add some flair to a kitchen. You can find ceramic kitchen sink in different shapes and sizes and if you do not like stainless steel, a ceramic sink will likely be an affordable option.

Composite Stone If you are looking for a unique kitchen sink, you may opt for a composite sink. These are made from ground quartz or granite and are combined with resin for durability.

3. Tapware

A sink is nothing without its tapware. In 2021, tapware has become a true fashion focal point in kitchen interiors. With companies like Brasshards, Paco Jaanson, Barben, Turner Hastings and others designing exquisite and clever tapware for modern homes, you can now truly customise your sink.

With interesting shapes, eye catching matt and brushed colour finishes to choose from, you can inject your signature style in your kitchen sink area with beautiful tapware. You can further personalise the look of your kitchen with either wall mounted tapware or bench mounted tapware. Consider a retractable hose or pull-out tap for busy kitchens to make clean up quicker.

If you are gifting yourself with a new dream kitchen, it is worthwhile browsing the range of integrated dishwashers available at Appliances Today. Together with your new sink, a new integrated dishwasher and other stunning kitchen appliances, you’ll add luxury to your daily cooking, meal preparation and clean up. 

Feel free to get in touch with the team at Appliances Today to assist with product advice, installation guidance and more.

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